Monday, May 14, 2012

50 Shades of Gray… and every other color too

A while ago, I got to visit the Dallas Market to help Danette Wicker of Danette’s Urban Oasis pick out clothing and other items to go in her boutique side of her business.  For me, going to market is like heaven on earth and as a bonus, there is always free booze.  There were a ton of clothes that I fell in love with.  Most of the stuff that I looked at was light, breezy, easy and suitable for the Texas weather.  Check out some of the awesome things that I saw at Dallas Market.

Most of everything that i picked out was light, cool colors.  Can't wear too many dark colors in Texas summers.

This is Drue Dun, his stuff is fab!  You need to check out his clothes. I love it.

We picked out some great things at market… and as for the rest, I’ll just have to search for it and try and find it.

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