Wednesday, May 16, 2012

OOTD: Mayfest

Hi... I go by the name of lalaG and I am a shorty… For all legal purposes, I am 5’4” (don’t ask me why,) in reality I am 5’2” and when I wear pants, you can really see how short I am.  I really need to find a great tailor for my pants.  I have been rocking the skinny jeans lately, but the problem I have is that they are for girls that are slightly taller than I am.  These gray ones are by Levi’s and I absolutely love them.  They are super tight, but look fab on me. Except for that whole looking baggy thing on me.  I’m a work in progress; I will get it worked out.

Shirt: Lane Bryant/ Jeans: Levi's/ Shoes: Payless

We spend a Thursday out at Mayfest before all the kids and families came out.  It wasn’t too hot just yet and luckily it was in the evening so we avoided all of the Texas Spring sun.  My friend Christa Russell was playing that night and it was my first time seeing her perform live.  Awesomeness all around on her performance, but I don’t expect anything less from Christa.

Christa Russell --- Check out her music!

We ate, we drank, and we people watched and got free stuff.  I had the most awesome gator dog.

  Yes I did say gator dog.  It was about the size of a hot link and was just served on a piece of white bread. It wasn’t greasy and it had the right amount of heat to it.  Loved it.

 I would have to say it was a great evening.

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