Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sales! Sales! Sales!

Ok this past weekend, I found some really great sales!  It was Mother’s day weekend, so every store was having a sale.  Our first stop was JC Penney’s.  Our first stop was shoes, which gave me no satisfaction at all so we quickly by passed it for the accessories.  It’s always a guarantee that I will find some little bauble or trinket on sale.  After minutes of searching and fighting to get to the clearance racks, I found a lovely little necklace that was on sale, 80% percent off, for less than five dollars.  Then something sparkly caught my eye, it was a beautiful purple ring with the stretch band. Love it. They had a few of them but they were scratched in one spot and I had to search around for an unscratched one. You already know I found it.  We went upstairs and found tons of clothes on sale but there was only one thing that I fell in love with, the dress with the bow.  It fit perfectly!

After JC Penney’s, we went by this plus size store that is in North East Mall and for the life of me I can’t remember the name of the store, but they have really cute stuff in there.  I think some of it is more for a younger set, but I found some cute things and everything is very affordable.  I tried on some dresses. One was too tight for me and a wee bit short.  The second one I would have to find a tub top type of a bra thing for me to wear.  I did find an asymmetrical shirt with flowers and… it’s just so cute.

Then we went to Lane Bryant and everything in the store was on 40% off! Including the already on sale items! SCORE!  I found two pairs of leggings, a very lovely blouse and a nice floral sweater.  We found some great stuff and gained 50 bucks in real women dollars.

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