Friday, May 20, 2011

Returns and Bridesmaids!

Last Saturday was filled with so much fun and good times, I couldn’t just contain it all in one blog.   The first part of my Saturday was the DFW Blogger meet up and the second part was returning clothes and catching a show.  Aunt K and I had to go see Bridesmaid. Kristen Wiig is freakin hilarious.  She is one of the most underrated actresses/ comedians on SNL.  Old Navy was doing the dollar flip flops for people who are card holders and AK went to the store while I was at the blogger event to pick me up some shoes.  She also picked herself up a sweater which they left the security tag on so we had to go back.

I have a problem with Old Navy; I can never go in there and not find something.  We headed towards the sale section and I found some cute t-shirts that had flower embellishment on the shoulder area.  They were thin and light, perfect for Texas weather.  I also found a striped t-shirt that was the cheapest thing of the day and a pair of shorts that I would like to do some kind of embellishment to… I just don’t know what yet.

We went to the Movie Tavern in Bedford to catch a viewing of Bridesmaids.  I can’t go to a regular theater any more to watch a film; I gotta go to a tavern or a grill to watch the movie. I like and adult beverage with my movie (sometimes it makes a suck ass movie better.)  Bridesmaids was freaking comedy all the way around.  From the first five minutes til the end of the movie, I was cracking up laughing.  This movie is like the Hangover for chicks.  It’s one of the great movies that I want to see over and over again and that’s rare for me.  It’s great to see a female comedy that is smart and actually funny and Kristen Wiig wrote the screen play!  The supporting cast is amazing! Melissa McCarthy, from Gilmore Girls, is so comedy in this movie.  I really wasn’t expecting the level of hilarity from her!  Laughs all around and I can’t wait to see it again.  Everyone should go see this movie!

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  1. Bridesmaids was HILARIOUS! I put it in front of Hangover 1 AND 2...I was DYING in the movie theater LMAO