Thursday, May 19, 2011

I never pay full price

ok not from friday..

On Friday, I left work with a lot on my mind and I needed to clear my mind.  There are only two things that always help me do that: listening to music and shopping.  Well since this is a pop culture and fashion blog, I went shopping. 

My second favorite word in the word is sale (with my first being free) and the Avenue was having a sale that we needed to check out.  A lot of the times the Avenue is hit or miss with me. This time was looking like a miss.

I found some nice work slacks, which I so much needed.    Everything else I got was purely for fun and entertainment purposes since I wear a uniform to work.  I would like to dye these tights.  Can you do that?
tights $3.95 each
slacks $9.95 (i think)

The shoes that I got are killer!  Now I just need some money so I can take them out on the town!

This frog ring is so adorable. I had to wear it to the blogger event.  The Avenue has the best stretchy rings!
$4.95 i think...

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