Monday, March 21, 2011

Visit to North Park Mall= Shopping!

Sorry guys that I haven’t blogged as much in the last couple of weeks.  Last week was Spring Break and at my job we were swamped.  Things are back to its regular schedule.
Saturday I took a mini trip to North Park Mall for a late birthday lunch for my aunt and a mini shopping expedition.  If you ever get a chance to go to North Park, be prepared because there are a lot of stores.  We only had a chance to go to only one fourth of the stores there.  There is every store imaginable. One store caught my eye, and that was Lush.  Lush is a store that carries fresh, handmade products.  When we went it, it smelled like heaven.  Lush carries products for skin, hair, and bath, shampoo… pretty much anything.  We asked if we wanted a hand massage. Yes please! The sales person rubbed in some Lemony Flutter and my hands felt so smooth.  Then we tried an exfoliating product on our hands, Ocean Salt. We rubbed it in all over our hands and elbows. Hands were smooth like butter afterwards.
We continued to look around the store and there was sooooo much stuff I wanted to buy.  I was actually planning to buy some bath bombs, but as we headed to the checkout, I saw some products that were for facials.  I found a product called Cupcake which is supposed to calm breakouts and remove excess oil.  It’s made with Rhassoul mud, cocoa butter, peppermint and spearmint.  This is what I needed; I have been having horrible breakouts.  It smells just like chocolate cake, so yummy.

i tried to take a better picture
I decided to try Cupcake tonight to have a fresh start to clean skin this week. When I came home, I washed my face with my usual cleanser and put on the Cupcake.  The sales person said this is enough for three applications, but I’m sure you can make it stretch more than that. It has an expiration date and has to be refrigerated but it doesn’t expire until a year from purchase.  I washed it off after having it on for 10 minutes and my skin doesn’t feel tight and dry as it sometimes does after washing.  It’s been a good 20 minutes after washing and my skin still smells like chocolate.  This stuff is amazing.  The product comes in a black container and if you bring back five pots, you will get a fresh facial mask for free.

Check out  Lush products

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