Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Garage Sale Friday!

Ok we all know that I love a good deal and there are times you can find great deals outside of a store.  I’ve always loved going to the garage sales and resale shops, you can find the best items there. I blame my mom and my aunt for getting me hooked on the bargain shopping.
The Salvation Army had their yearly garage sale and I always go. The doors didn’t open until 9am but we knew that there was gonna be a line.  I woke up kind of late so we weren’t there at 8am like we were hoping for, but we were there before 8:30 and the line was about 30 people deep.  They let us in at 9am and people were off and running.  Some people just came there and hoarded stuff from everyone else.  This one woman had a shopping cart full of shoes, at least 100 pairs. This was 15 minutes after opening.  Even though there were tons of people attempting to push me out of the way, I held my own.  I’m gonna get mine!
My aunt and I spent about 45 minutes in the warehouse, it was just too much and we had a budget to stay under. My aunt got herself some workout clothes, t-shirts, and some capris.  
I found a few cds, purses and some clothing items….

a fake... but fake it til you make it...


My fave thing...

We then went to a garage sale that was held by some co-workers.  I got some things for my kitchen and this really cool necklace.
i might make this into a bracelet

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  1. Amazing! I didn't even know Salvation Army did that. Ughh. I guess I'll have to plan on going next year! haha