Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Natural Hair Care Journey

Hi... my name is lalaG and I am addicted to the creamy crack.  Creamy Crack?  For those who are not hip to the term, creamy crack is relaxers. I have been relaxing my hair since middle school. Every six weeks, I would subject myself to what I realize now is hell on earth by putting chemicals on my head.  For a while now I said I would never stop relaxing my hair. I loved the straightness that would come after putting on the relaxer and loving all the things I thought I could do with my hair.
Then in October of 2010, I had my last relaxer. I honestly cannot tell you why I just stopped. Maybe it was I was just tired of every six weeks of buying a relaxer and putting on or getting tired of the burns on my scalp when I scratched my scalp before relaxing.  Maybe I’m just lazy and found it easier to just wash and let air dry and go.
At first I was doing just the wash and go, but I get bored really quickly with one hairstyle and I almost fell off the wagon and thought about relaxing again, but that all changed. I started doing a little research on the internet about natural hair style and transition videos. I pretty much already knew that I didn’t want dreads; it’s just not something for me and to each his own.  I have spent weeks and weeks practicing on what to do with my hair.  Yes sometimes I still crave the straightness that a relaxer would give me, but I just bust out the Chi flatiron and I get almost the same effect.  What’s different is that my hair is thicker and has more body with the straightness.
my hair after combing out my bantu twists/knots
I have been considering doing the big snip since I have several months of new growth  but many have rejected this idea (men mostly) and I know I will become bored with a short style and will crave the length again.  I can still do pretty much as I did before, straight styles, flips, extensions, pony tails, whatever id like, the only thing that has changed is the chemical processing.  There is one thing that will never change, my love for hair color. I could never stop that. 
I'll never go back to the creamy crack

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