Monday, March 7, 2011

Motives Cosmetic and Skin Care Demo.

Anytime that comes up where you get a chance to get a custom blend foundation, you should take it.  This weekend I got a chance to work with the ladies of Motives by Loren Ridinger to help me find a foundation perfect for my skin. Nadine Cottrell and associates set up Danette’s Urban Oasis to do a cosmetic and skin care demo. 
First the ladies ask questions about your skin type and if you have any issues concerning your skin. Next color swatches are done on your skin to find the closest color match. Other colors are added to get the perfect color match for you. They also add certain things like sunscreen or oil control to help fix your skin’s needs. The demo ends with the foundation application on your face.
 Along the way to finishing the demo, the ladies give you tips on everything from makeup application to what kind of products you can use for your acne issues. Once the foundation was put on my skin, it felt lightweight and didn’t melt off my normally oily skin.  The foundation covered a majority of my facial issues and I forgot that I had it on. The fee for the demo was five dollars and you get a sample of your blended foundation.

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  1. Oh! She used to be the massage therapist at the DT YMCA right? She was a sweetheart!