Thursday, October 25, 2012

Project Runway Season 10 Series Finale

Even though I am very disappointed in this season, I am still holding on to see if either Christopher or Dmitry wins season 10 of Project Runway.

Christopher is a complainer.  Within the first 20 minutes, ill I have heard is bitch and moan.

Some of the designers are making more pieces because of the harsh criticism from the judges.  The designers get a chance to go back to Mood with a budget of 300 dollars.
Fabio’s collection is growing on me since he thought about everything after meeting with the judges.  Fabio and Dmitry are finished.  Melissa and Christopher are running around like chickens with their heads chopped off.

The special guest judge is Jennifer Hudson.
I love when Tim gets a lil bit misty eyed.

Christopher goes first and I must admit I do love the leather pieces in his collection and the print pieces.   The final dress should have been worked out a little bit better.  The model could hardly walk. 

Melissa is next she also had some very well worked leather pieces. One could really tell that this collection belongs to her.  That white dress should have been fixed at the bottom, Another issue with the model not being able to walk because of some technical difficulties.

Dmitry starts off with an amazing cut out dress.  It looks like the dress is in pieces and magically staying in place on her.   Dmitry’s models walk kinda funny, well the first two did
Fabio rounds out the foursome and after seeing his collection as a whole, I understand it more, very light and flowy, slightly futuristic.  There are pieces around the neck and collar that to me look plastic and cheap.

And the winner is… Dmitry!

If you didn’t know, there is a season 2 of Project Runway All Stars.  I have a feeling this will be ten times better than season 10 of Project Runway.

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