Friday, October 5, 2012

Project Runway Season 10 Episode 12

Elena was kicked off of last week’s episode, further proving that they keep certain people around for ratings.   While she designed something great in the toddler’s clothing challenge, compared to everyone else’s, it was not that great.   I thought Melissa should have gone home, but that’s just me.
We are down to the final five and we are about to find out which three contestants are going to fashion week. Heidi comes out on the runway with some peach/gold mini outfit with cutout sleeves? WTF? Random, I know.

The designers are taken out to Oheka castle where Tim and consulting makeup artist for L’Oreal Paris, Billy B are waiting for them to tell them about the challenge.  There are brought to the surroundings to help them inspire for the creations.  The challenge is to create an Avant-guard look inspired by L’Oreal makeup.  The designers have two days for this challenge and determines who goes to fashion week.
Fabio’s creation makes Tim sad.
Sonjia gets the truth from Tim.  Tim feels like that she hasn’t giving 100%
Tim is questioning Christopher… and he needs too.
The overall consensus is that the work being created, they aren’t Avant-guard.
Here is what I have noticed about Project Runway… always on the next to last episode before fashion week, the designers seem to fall apart and not create the best that they can.  They seem to fall apart.
Today’s guest judge is Zoe Saldana.  All Zoe is doing is agreeing with the other judges.  BRING SOMETHING NEW TO THE TABLE.

This episode was boring.

When the judges started to critique the designers and their work, I fast forwarded through most of it.
Christopher is the first designer told that he is going to fashion week.  Next Dmitry and he was also the winner of this challenge.

Let me just say, I knew those two were going to fashion week.
In a shocking turn of events, Melissa is going to fashion week. *insert side eye*

This is the worst season ever.

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