Monday, November 5, 2012

Project Runway All Stars Season 2, Episode 1

Are you excited as I am about the second season of Project Runway All Stars? (I know im late with this post....)  After a very disappointing season ten of Project Runway, previous designers are coming back to prove once and for all that they are the best designer.   The cast includes:
Wendy Pepper (Season 1)
Andrae Gonzalo (Season 2)
Kayne Gillaspie (Season 3)
Uli Herzner (Season 3)
Suede Baum (Season 5)
Althea Harper (Season 6)
Emilio Sosa (Season 7)
Peach Carr (Season 8)
Ivy Higa (Season 8)
Casanova (Season 8)
Anthony Ryan Auld (Season 9)
Laura Kathleen Planck (Season 9)
Joshua McKinley (Season 9)

Oh Project Runway, you had me at Wendy Pepper and trust and believe she is still a bitch.  Supermodel Carolyn Murphy is replacing the boring Angela Lindvall as host.  Thank you sweet baby Jesus.
Carolyn comes out and explains the rules and the prizes to the designers.  The winner gets to go to every fashion week in every city around the world… SwEET!  The total amount of prizes is over a quarter million dollars.

The designers go to meet Joanna Cole and they find out that the first challenge is a group challenge.  Wendy was picked last. AWESOMENESS.  The theme of the challenge is attitude.  The designers will have to create a piece that has to deal with an attitude and it has to be cohesive with everyone else’s designs.  Oh the clashing of the personalities.

Casanova has taken some English lessons?  You can actually understand him.

Isaac Mizrahi and Georgina Chapman (Co-founder of Marchesa) are back as judges and the guest judges are Rachel Roy and Project Runway All Star season 1 winner, Mondo Guerra.
Team Bold, I am not impressed by your designs.
Joshua wants to be Tom Ford.
 I like Team Confidant’s choice of leather and lace.
Team Confidant is the winner of the two.

Casanova, Ivy and Anthony Ryan are in the top three.
Peach, Suede and Andre are in the bottom.
Anthony Ryan is the winner of the challenge.  The designer that goes home is Peach.  Her design was all over the place and was just a mess. 

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