Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Prince kicks Kim Kardashian off the stage!

Prince kicks Kim Kardashian off the stage!
Monday night, Prince performed in New York City and you can imagine, every celebrity in New York was there, including reality star Kim Kardashian.  There is a part of the show where Prince pulls people on stage to dance with him in a song and one of the lucky people that he brought up was Kim.
Kim was apparently so star struck by the purple one that all she could do was stare!  Prince was having none of that a told her to “Get off my stage!”

this is awesomeness

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  1. I love this! You know how I don't like the no talent, fame whoring Kardashian sisters and there drag queen brother "Khloe" so hearing about this made my day!Although, while HE is talented...I'm not certain he is a great judge or talent in others. What happened to Apollonia? Vanity? Carmen Electra (infomercials dont count as "talent")? Hmmm...something to think about.