Friday, February 25, 2011

Academy Awards 2011- Best Actress

Natalie Portman for “Black Swan”—this isn’t the first time Portman has been nominated for an Oscar.  In 2005, Portman was nominated for a best supporting Oscar for her role in the film Closer.  Portman had her first acting role in 1994 at the age of 13 in the movie “The Professional.”  Not only is Portman an acclaimed actress, she also has a degree in Psychology from Harvard which she obtained while shooting the Star Wars films. Other Natalie Portman films include, Beautiful Girls, The Other Boleyn Girl and V for Vendetta,

Annette Bening for “The Kids Are All Right”—Annette Bening is another actress that is no stranger to being nominated.  Bening is a four time Oscar nominee, The Grifters, American Beauty, Being Julia and The Kids Are All Right. Being a mother of four and the wife of actor/director/writer Warren Beatty hasn’t slowed this wonder woman down.   Bening is also a Tony Award nominee her role in the stage play Costal Disturbances in 1986.  Bening has also been seen in The American President, Bugsy, and Running with Scissors.

Jennifer Lawrence for “Winter’s Bone”—Lawrence is the new comer of the group and has had made an impact with her movies roles. In one of her first movies, Lawrence won an Outstanding Performance award at the Los Angeles film festival for the film The Poker House. She then won the Marcello Mastroianni Award at the Venice Film festival for the film The Burning Plain.  Lawrence has since finished The Beaver, starring Mel Gibson, and X- Men: First Class.
Nicole Kidman for “The Rabbit Hole”—Kidman is the only woman on this list that is a previous Academy Award winner (The Hours) and was previously nominated for the film Moulin Rouge! Kidman was primarily an Australian actress and critics and people all over started to take notice when she was in the film Dead Calm. Kidman has also been in such films as Batman Forever, To Die For, and Cold Mountain.
Michelle Williams for ”Blue Valentine”—Williams was first noticed for her acting skills in the teen television drama “Dawson’s Creek, “portraying Jen Lindley.  This has led to roles in such films as Dick, The Station Agent and I’m Not There. Williams has been previously nominated for a Best Supporting Actress award for the film Brokeback Mountain.

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