Thursday, June 2, 2011

More Garage Sale Finds (pic heavy)

As we all know, I love garage sales, thrift stores and a discount.  The last two weekends have been filled with hitting up the garage sales and I found some really great stuff.  I found a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses for five dollars! An absolute steal!  I found a ton of purses, one that might be a Dolce and Gabbana purse, but I’m not sure if it real or not but I’m still gonna rock the hell out of it.  I purchased some bath products that were still in the packaging and a white plate with a stand.  I plan on using that for my jewelry.

I also did some dress shopping and I found a great floral frock at Lane Bryant that was an additional 50% off the already marked down price.  The purple dress was at JC Penney’s and of course, on sale.  The purple dress has a 70’s type of vibe to it and I can’t wait til I wear it out on the town.


  1. Girl you been busy and you have found some pretty awesome things! I would love to thrift with you and since we are in the same area you need to hit me up! Do you have any plans this weekend? We can hit up the Goodwill and I know this amazing thrift store in Uptown called Genesis. Kiah

  2. oh btw - you found some awesome things and the prices look WOW!! Kiah