Thursday, April 28, 2011

I love Old Navy

I see from time to time a lot of people hating on Old Navy.  They say Old Navy is to simple, plain Jane or just down right crap. I disagree with the statement and I love Old Navy.  I see Old Navy clothing as a starter piece(s) for something great.  Walking into an Old Navy store offers opportunity to be creative and express yourself with clothes.  I went into Old Navy on Saturday and they were having one of their famous sales, polo shirts for five dollars. Of course I had to go.  Normally I would have been at the store when the store opened, but for reasons beyond my control I couldn’t be there that early.  When we got there, we couldn’t find any of the polo shirts on sale.  So since I couldn’t find the polo shirts, I went to the back and headed straight to the sale racks.  I found an awesome piece that I originally thought it was a dress, but when I got home, it was a jacket.  From the picture you can see that it has long sleeves and has a hoodie. I plan to shorten the sleeves and rock it as a dress with some leggings.  After looking around the store, I eventually found the polo shirts and I picked out a white and black shirt because you can never have enough of the basics.  I also found this really cool purse that I am in love with!  It carries my laptop, everything!
$10.99 on sale
$12.49 (I think)

Don’t knock Old Navy, it’s cheap and affordable and has items that you can make it your own.



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